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Posie Candles

Posie Candles

Posie’s scent library is diverse, informed by memory, travel and experiences in nature. Each blend is carefully formulated to communicate a place, feeling or moment in time.

Posie's candle collection are designed and handmade in Australia. Keeping production local and using thoughtfully made materials reflects their commitment to operating in a way which is fair, cruelty free and environmentally sound.
Posie see scent as a mechanism to further enhance the ordinary rituals of our everyday. At the heart of Posie rests a desire to encourage moments of contemplation and creativity through sensory experience.

ACE: TOBACCO LEAF / CEDARWOOD / VETIVER Bold notes of vetiver, cedarwood and tobacco leaf mixed with bergamot & a hint of soft lavender. A warm, sharp and charming blend.

Rich / Earthy / Woody

KIN: SANDALWOOD / BERGAMOT / VIOLET LEAF A collective ode to nurturing the bonds of kin, inviting reflection and connection to those near and far. Embracing a heartwood base of warm Sandalwood, layered notes of fresh sunny Bergamot, essences of green Violet Leaf and festive Fir Needle.

Warm / Earthy / Complex

KIT: LEMON MYRTLE / CAMP FIRE A smoky base of camp fire coal lingers in wait for native lemon myrtle to sweep by. Familiar yet unexpected, bringing to life a night outdoors by the camp fire.

Smoky / Citrus / Woody 

PIP: WATERMELON / CUCUMBER / BASIL Refreshing Watermelon rounded out with cooling Cucumber, Basil & a hint of Lemon. The scent of Summer. 

Fresh / Fruity / Strong

SUR: CEDARWOOD / AMBER / PATCHOULI SMALL Our very first, signature blend inspired by the amazing stretch of earth we explored along California’s Pacific Coast - Big Sur. Sharp Amber notes and sweet Patchouli create a sea mist of trails tread along coastal woodlands. Rich Cedar and Sandalwood warm the air with a rustic charm, much like that cabin we long for in the woods.

Earthy / Woody / Subtle

TEE: GREEN TEA / GINGER An invigorating and energising blend of green tea infused with ginger. A tea break of another kind. 

Fresh / Zesty / Strong

UME: WHITE TEA / CHRYSANTHEMUM / PLUM Young harvest white tea leaves infused with golden buds of chrysanthemum and sweet plum. Oriental, floral and herbaceous notes invite memories of springtime 'ume' in Kyoto, Japan. 

Oriental / Herbaceous / Floral

VAL: ROSE / SANDALWOOD / YUZU Floral notes of english rose blended with warm, earthy sandalwood and a hint of Japanese yuzu. A scent reminiscent of days spent in the garden with my Grandmother Valerie, known to her family and friends as Val.

Floral / Woody / Citrusy

VOS: OAKMOSS / AMBER / SAGE Oakmoss, amber and sage combined with a dash of lavender awaken the senses with a crisp and earthy burn. Bringing back pleasant memories of days spent exploring amongst dewy forest floors.

Clean / Dewy / Herbal

YEN: PINE / CEDAR LEAF / CITRUS Pine and cedar leaf blended with a hint of lemon, developed to create a woody base sealed with a refreshing kick. Inspired by the hypnotic waters and beautiful hinterland of Byron Bay. 

Woody / Fresh / Earthy

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